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Our products

We have weekly sales of our chicken and duck eggs, farm merchandise and seasonal meat products. This takes place on the school playground in term time from 3pm-3:30pm. 

In December 2023 we began selling our first pork products - Lincolnshire and gluten free sausages, chops, shoulders, legs and belly all of which were a great hit and sold at a reasonable price. 

Our eggs always sell out each week, chicken eggs are £2.00 for 6 and ducks are £2.50 for 6.

Our farm merchandise makes for a unique gift or party bag filler. 

Mugs £5.00

Water bottles £5.50

Keyrings & magnets £1.00

Badges 50p 

If you are unable to make it to the weekly farm sales please contact the farm to arrange a collection.


Use contacts: 

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