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A few ideas...

Food donations 

All our animals love nothing more than enjoying fruit and vegetable treats; however due to the large amount of animals we now have on the farm this can be difficult to source and so we rely on kind donations. 

Donation crates are left inside each gate entrance at the school.

No onions, potatoes, citrus fruit and avocado's as our animals can't eat these.

Other donations


On the farm we are often building and upgrading enclosures and can always make use of fence posts, chicken wire and other building supplies. 

Do you have a log  burner? 

Our chicken enjoy a dust bath and are happy to roll around in wood ash (please note: we cannot accept charcoal ash). 

Shredded paper also makes a cozy bed for our chickens and they will be forever grateful for your support. 

One way to support us is to follow and share our social media pages.

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