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Meet the team 

The first member of staff here was Sara she is the outdoor learning leader at the school and the farm manager. She had built many of the enclosures that we have on our site and had an unbreakable bond with all of our animals. 


Nicky started in 2022 she has a passion for chickens and hand reared our four death layer hens. Nicky is focusing on teaching and fundraising for the farm. Nicky's role at the farm is: Farm Educator. 


Amy started in 2022 and she too has build a few enclosures of her own and has a love for pygmy goats and her particular favorite is Dec who is by far our cheekiest goat. Amy's role is: Farm Assistant.


Florence started in 2023 and has begun to start organizing the farms events with the help of Nicky. She has a love for sheep and her favorite animals on the farm is Buttons our Ryeland lamb. Florence's role is: Farm Assistant. 

If you would like to join the team any vacancies will be listed below:

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