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About our Farm

We have created a school community farm, based at our primary school in Seal. This wonderful facility is open to the public & other schools on certain dates that are always shared on our Facebook page. 

Our story so far...

In 2019 we received initial, external funding,  to house chickens and bees, from Tesco and One Stop shops. 

This brought great excitement to the children and staff alike.

Fast forward to Covid-19 landing on our shores, and our executive head, Liz Mitchell, could see that this was going to have a drastic effect on our children's mental health, pressing on their emotional, social and behavioural wellbeing. 

This could only mean ....Farm development ...full steam ahead!

So during the pandemic, Miss Spellman, the Outdoor Learning Leader, worked tirelessly along with school staff and many community volunteers, to create our farm we see today.  She managed to find more than 70% of the funds needed through grants and the community donated over £4000 to help us along. 

Skip to 2024 where we have many new enclosures including a farrowing enclosure for gilts ready tp have piglets. So far we have had one litter of piglets.  


Mrs Mitchell has been the driving force behind the farms development and we are proud to be one of only a handful of primary schools in the south east, with a farm on site.

We are small, but still growing.  Funding can be difficult to access but we have  developed enclosures on unused space, as we receive grants in and we will continue to do so.

This project, aims to not only teach children where their food comes from, care and respect, animal husbandry and overall knowledge of the animal and farming world.

But also to readdress peoples wellbeing and mental health.  It is well known that mental health can be improved by spending outdoors and with animals.

Our site falls within the AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.)  With a woodland backdrop.


Hello 2024!

We are planning to host lots of event this year to raise awareness about our farm as well as funding for bedding and food. 


All events will be posted about on our social media and your support even if it is just a follow r a like is greatly appreciated from all of the team! 

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