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Our products 

We are now very proud to be selling our free range meat products. 

In 2023 we were successful at breeding our Oxford Sandy and Black pig who farrowed 9 piglets.


When they reached 12 weeks they left the farm to live free range in a local woodlands until they reached 5 months old. 


During their time in the woodlands they were free to roam and forage for natural food sources such as; acorns, tree roots and shrubs. This alone provided them with the freedom to carry out natural behavior.


We did lots of research about the welfare and discovered that the majority of the meat pigs  in the food industry lived in shocking conditions, so for our pigs we wanted them to live the best life possible which is why we chose the woodland and free roaming route. 

Below you can see the difference between shop brought meat and our meat. 

Shop quality 

farrowing bad example.jpeg

Our quality

Gerri sunbathing with her piglets.jpg
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