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Heidi and Dec having a moment.jpg


Ant and Dec, our resident celebrities are Pygmy Goats that came all the way from Burnley in the north of England. In September 2020

Ant and Dec are not related but are the very best of friends. They arrived at Seal when they were both between 6 and 8 months old. Ant is really quite shy but will now eat from your hand and let you stroke his head. Dec’s confidence however, more than makes up for Ant’s shyness and loves to take the limelight. Dec is incredibly affectionate and loves to be made a fuss of. If he really likes you, he may even give you a kiss.

Ant and Dec are both very playful and love to chase each other around their enclosure, jumping and skipping, butting horns and running up and down their seesaw.

Now the boys have settled in, they can often be found being taken for a walk around the school grounds. These two are firm favourites of everyone they meet.

In June 2021, two female 4 year old pygmy girls needed rehoming and we were always wanting to extend the pygmy flock, so we took them on.  The very friendly Heidi and Margo now rule the roost and love playing with the boys.

Ant taking a selfie.jpg
Margo and Dec having a moment.jpg
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