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We started our farm with the rare breed Boreray sheep, we lambed for the first time in 2021 and had 2 boys.

After experiencing this breed, we realized that there are friendlier breeds that may suit us better.  So the whole flock were rehomed to a small holding in Headcorn and we created a new flock.


In July 2021, we purchased two Llynn X Romney lambs, Babs and Camilla.  In 2022 a Dorset mule and a zwartble orphaned lambs then joined the flock and are named Nelly and Polly. They were later joined by Ivy and Iris, who were also 2021 Valais lambs.  This breed, Valais, from Switzerland, are very friendly.


Our girls then had a successful lambing year in 2023 and Jessie and Lily became permanent residents of our younger flock. They were joined by Buttons a Rhyland ewe and most recently two Dartmoor ewes Delilah and Misty.

Our girls like to graze on grass and hay but are also fed pellets; their favorite snack is broccoli.

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