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Del Boy and Rodney Trotter are Kunekune cross pigs that were bought from a farm in The Weald, Sevenoaks. The gorgeous brothers were born in September 2019 but are not yet fully grown.

Kunekune pigs originate from New Zealand but are not indigenous to that country. They were kept by the Maoris for their meat, however they did not live in enclosures but were allowed to roam free in the house scavenging for food. This could explain why this breed are so friendly and have the most amazing temperaments.

Kunekune pigs have a distinctive feature that distinguishes them from other pigs, they have a pair of tassels under their chin called a Piri Piri or a Wattle.

Del Boy and Rodney both have great characters – just like the real thing and love the company of humans. Their most favourite thing is to have their tummies rubbed which WILL send them to sleep. In fact the boys can often be heard snoring from quite a distance. They are very gentle pigs and will call out when they hear you coming.

Our pigs love to eat apples, bread and pig nuts, although their main diet consists of grass and vegetables.

After having so much success with the two boys we decided to purchase two rare breed female pigs from farms all over Kent in September 2021.

Keen to promote these rare breeds: Glostershire old spot (Lorna) and Saddleback (Dotty) they will be pure breeding females at our farm.

Lorna loves to shake her head and cake all staff in mud and Dotty loves a back scratch and a chat. 

You can see how much they have both grown. 

Penny and patsy having a cuddle.jpg

After the success of the two girls we wanted to try a new breed and discovered micro pigs. We purchased our two pigs from Pennywell Farm in Devon. They are super friendly and love to be the topic of a lesson whilst getting lots of scratches from staff and supervised children. We decided to name the grey one Patsy and the spotty one Penny and they are the best friends. 

Their favorite snacks are mango and lettuce and they are thriving with their growth, confidence and personalities. 


We have created a school community farm, based at our primary school in Seal. This wonderful facility will be open to the public & schools

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