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We have a variety of ducks which consist of, Aylesburys, Khaki Campbells, Indian Runners and a Sweedish X runner. The ducks joined us in October 2020 and are very vocal, especially when the food comes out.

The girls have their own raised swimming pool where they can often be found basking and splashing about.

Like the chickens, the ducks lay eggs each day and are sold to our school and community. Their eggs are slightly larger than the chicken’s eggs and have a larger and creamier yolk.

Ducks don’t roost like chickens, they huddle together and lay eggs in their straw which they bury. They also eat differently to chickens. Chickens will peck their food, whereas duck sieve their food with water through their serrated beaks.

We also sell our duck eggs, if you are interested please head to our 'shop' page. 

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